Visually attract your dream clients and grow your brand recognition!

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Wednesday, May 29th at 10am CT


with Color

I'm guessing you already know first impressions can make or break you when drawing in your ideal clients.

I know, kind of crazy right?

This means before someone reads anything about who you are and all the amazing ways you can help them - they are creating a first impression opinion about your business right when they land on your brand online - solely based on design. This includes layout, typography, font size, imagery and color schemes.

95% of people's first impressions of your brand online are design related? 

But did you know that 

So let's have a little come-to-Jesus moment...

It's free, so let's do this!

And if your answer is you haven't even launched your business yet - then let's set you up right from the beginning!

To help you make the best first impression you can - I've created this free workshop just for you! We're going get you out of endlessly scrolling Pinterest and actually create your own brand mood board and the visual vibe of your brand.


What would their first impression be of YOUR business right now?

Visually attract your dream clients online with

So are you in to join me for this FREE workshop or what?

The last thing I want for you is to bypass this important step of your branding - just to regret it later. Let's create a vibe that truly represents your values, yourself, AND your clients.

Know what true branding REALLY is and why it's an essential piece of your business's success

Understand the foundations of color psychology so you can create the right FEELING and vibe of your business

Create your brand mood board and color palette


Let's do this!

Create your brand mood board!

During this Workshop you will:

Wednesday, May 29th at 10am CT


with Color

hey I'm kristin

The founder of In Flow Design Co., who's here to help you level up your visual game online.

I'm a previous art director turned design agency owner who's been making pretty things since my artist mother could get me to hold a crayon.

At In Flow Design Co. we've worked with over 180 women around the globe designing beautiful brands and websites that stand out and attract their clients.

Creating an intentional brand from the get-go has allowed IN FLOW DESIGN CO. to:

Surpass $10k months in the first year
Attract our dream clients on repeat
Quickly become an authority in our industry

And when it comes to branding, did you know:


Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.



43% of customers spend more money on brands they are loyal to.



Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%



It takes about 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your website.

Thinking of Joining?

After signing up I'll be in touch in your inbox take you through the workshop:

Here's the scoop...

You'll receive a welcome email with the rundown for when the workshop starts and everything you need to know.

Each day I'll be in touch via email with a reminder to join, and access our Workshop session and Q&A via Zoom.

You get to implement as you go - we're about taking action and not just learning!

You'll be so excited to create the mood board and color vision for your business with INTENTION.

Well, it's decision time!...


Let's do this!

2 hour Live Workshop Training with Kristin, the owner of In Flow Design Co.

Access to the training video recordings after the workshop

Q&A Session with Kristin to get clarity with your brand vision

*Bonus* Canva Mood Board template to help make your vision look amazing



THE FREE Workshop

with Color

Create your mood board, visually attract your dream clients and grow your brand recognition!